Underneath you can find the data for the living room talks and experiential walks in nature. The talks take place from October to March. The walks are from April to September. The duration of both events is 2.5 hours.

During the living room talks you can experience the essences’ energies, how the essences came into being, you will be explained how the essences work and you can learn about the stories in relation to the creation process.

Vocal toning is another element in these talks. You can experience what vocal toning  does for you energetically.

It is an inter-active afternoon. There will be enough time for answering questions and sharing knowledge.

Weather permitting, we would like to take you outdoors as well. In this way you can make contact with the various elemental beings more easily.


During the experiential walks in nature, we will be guided by the elemental beings. They will tell us where to go and what they would like to share with us.


Whilst at the living room talks or experiential walks you will have the opportunity to purchase the essences.


We can also organize a talk or walk especially for you and your group of friends or colleagues (minimum 6 participants).


Your investment towards both events is 15 Euro per person.


For registration or further questions, you can fill out the contact form (see ‘contact’).


Last but not least, the elemental beings love it when you bring them a present (a tidbit, a flower, a crystal, or the like).





* Living room talks:


Sunday, February 26, from 13.30 hrs till 16.00 hrs in Haarlem;

Sunday, March 19, from 13.30 hrs till 16.00 hrs in Haarlem;

Sunday, April 23, from 13.30 hrs till 16.00 hrs in Geldrop;

Sunday, November 5, from 13.30 hrs till 16.00 hrs in Amersfoort.



* Experiential walks:


dates will follow soon.