Are you curious about how to get access to the wisdom of various elemental beings, work together with them, live in harmony with all that surrounds you, commit yourself wholeheartedly to ‘the one who mothers us all’? Read more below.

The Earth and Sky Synergy Essences contain the life energy of elemental beings from Earth, Inner Earth and beyond Earth.

The essences are being created at the request of all these beings. They decide when and where the essences will be made.


The Earth and Sky Synergy Essences are different from the current essences or remedies. Up till now essences or remedies support humans only and are being used when their states of mind or emotions are out of balance.

These essences, however, support the various elemental beings and the Earth. Eventually you will help yourself that way. By using these essences you can get access to and connect with the wisdom, insights and joy of the elemental beings. With the goal to work together in unity towards a more responsible, more loving and more harmonious relationship with Earth, the cosmos and all beings, seen and unseen. In this way we support each other in our mutual transformation and ascension process.


The abbreviated descriptions of the essences will offer an insight into the transformation processes that can be set in motion by the essences. You will find these descriptions in the main menu under ‘essences’.


The elemental beings’ life energy is transmitted to water through a special way of preparation. Some alcohol is added for preservation purposes. The essences are catalysts to obtain the beings’ insights and wisdom.


Vocal toning is an essential part of the creation process of the essences. It is being used to energetically cleanse the various locations were the essences are being made. It is also used to strengthen the life-force power of the beings that are co-creating these essences to the optimal use.


Apart from creating essences, we also organize living room talks and experiential walks in nature.

During these walks and talks you can make contact with and learn more about the various elemental beings and the wonderful locations where the essences have been made. In this way we hope to pull you into our adventures and inspire you in such a way that you can experience the essence of all these beings on an even deeper level. Hence, you might also feel the call to connect and co-operate with them.


From unity and love,


Erica, oodles of elemental beings and Mimi