We, Erica de Kat Angelino and Mimi Roffelsen, are two damsels who plunged wholeheartedly into an adventure with various elemental beings after their request to support them and the Earth. Below you can find our profiles.

Follow your heart


I like flapping my wings in the immediate surroundings of my home town Haarlem, The Netherlands. Forests, dunes and the sea are my back garden. For more than twenty years I have had a close relationship with elemental beings who reside on our planet Earth. Inner Earth’s (elemental) beings and extraterrestrial beings only crossed my path recently, while co-creating the Earth and Sky Synergy Essences. I can be found outdoors regularly to connect with all these beings. I can also connect with them laying on the couch at home, but in nature I find it so much easier to do. The beings answer my questions regarding the Earth. In turn they ask me to support them. For instance with the creation of portals and of course with the creation of the essences. They tell me about their lives, how they live with one another, their work in nature, etc.


As a young girl I realized one day that in fact I was an elf. Unfortunately no one did understand me, I just looked like a human being. The more I told people I was an elf, the louder they laughed. This made me very sad. I decided to stop telling people I was an elf. Instead I focused on a new career: I wanted to become a mermaid. And not just an ordinary one, but one who could play the harp.

I was beside myself when one day a girl appeared on television who also wanted to become a mermaid. I watched the programme with bated breath. Until the presenter of the programme told the girl that she actually couldn’t become a mermaid. My life fell apart. If grown-ups said this, then this must be true. But worst of all, from there on I did not believe in elves, mermaids and all the other elemental beings anymore.


However, I had forgotten that in this life again I had chosen to work together with the elemental beings.


And that is why many years later I met someone who showed me how to reconnect to the elemental beings. During a meditation I saw myself as a little baby crawling through the garden communicating with all the elemental beings. From that day on I decided to trust my intuition and to keep following my heart.


Erica de Kat Angelino



Vocal toning … a different language


It suddenly happened, about five years ago, while being on one of my frequent seashore trips. It was during the autumn, it was a grey and foggy day. There was nobody else on the beach. I looked out over the sea and enjoyed the mysterious atmosphere this kind of weather brought. Suddenly I heard a very loud sound. It startled me. Oddly enough I didn’t know where the sound came from. I turned around, there was no one there. Once again I heard that sound. Then I realized it was me making that sound. The sound was extremely loud. I felt a tingling sensation on my forehead and a great longing to keep on toning in a way totally foreign to me.

For some time I stood on the beach vocally toning. Bit by bit it became clear to me that this was meant to be and that I needed to do this more often in nature. The following months I was often outdoors busy toning. Sometimes hours on end, causing a state of zen every now and then. It was very soothing.


About half a year later I met a therapist who told me that she used vocal toning in her practice. At her invitation I started toning in her practice. It soon became clear that in order to tone for people I could not do it in the strong and loud way I became so used to. We had a good laugh about it. However, she invited me to tone at a spiritual event. At this event the therapist would be hosting a meditation session that would be attended by two hundred people. I said yes straight-away. I was pretty nervous because I had no idea how it would work out, but my intuition took away all my doubts and fears. The following three months I worked on fine-tuning my voice and my performance at the event was a great success.


Many years have past and I know now that vocal toning has been my tool in many previous lives. Toning happens in the moment, therefore I can never prepare for anything. It is about being completely in the now and to connect with whatever is there at that very moment. I then connect with beings from Earth, Inner-Earth or other cosmic dimensions. They basically pass the tones on to me.

I simply love toning. Meanwhile I have experienced that my vocal toning also has healing powers.


I followed a training in voice expression/voice liberation to support others who are willing to free their authentic voice.


Mimi Roffelsen

Here you can find an audio fragment of my vocal toning.