Audio Layer Connecting with Earthly and Cosmic beings, working together in unity towards ascension

We hope to pull you into the story below, to amuse you but above all to inspire you. Apart from using the essences, the stories might help you to internalise the wisdom of the all the beings on an even deeper level.

Mother and Father Earth’s Healing


There’s the saying: third time lucky. But what about a second time? Is this considered unlucky or ….?

One suggestion is that the origin of the above saying refers to English law: anyone who survived three attempts at hanging would be set free. Another suggestion is that it refers to the Christian Trinity. It might relate in some way to goodness or luck being associated with the number three, but has no specific link with the third of anything.

I add a new saying to all the other ones: ‘second time elemental beings’ perfection’.


‘On the day of the first fertility festival you have to go to the place in your book’, an elemental being told me.

This time not only my intuition was tested but also my perseverance. Elemental beings are truly my teachers. For me, the first fertility festival is the Celtic Imbolc, celebrated on January 31st. The book the elemental being referred to is ‘Leylijnen en leycentra in de Lage Landen’ by Wigholt Vleer and Dick van den Dool. The latter organized courses in geomancy, which course I attended in the years 1997/1998.

Immediately the word ‘Toverberg’ popped into my head (elemental beings probably whispered the word in my ear). ’Hmm, Ermelo, really?’ I took out my pendulum and checked all the Dutch provinces; just to be sure. ‘Do I have to go to Noord-Holland? No; Friesland? No; Groningen? No; Drenthe? No; Overijssel? No; Gelderland? Yes. Finally I had a yes but I still continued to check the rest of the provinces (because you never know ….). Does this sound familiar to you? ‘Intuition, Erica, remember. Yes I know, I know, but ego can still be so loud every now and then.’

Ermelo it was. The ‘Toverberg’ (Magic Mountain) to be more precise. This essence was about the element earth and had to be made at 19.10 hrs. I suggested to Mimi to spend the afternoon exploring the whole area. Twenty years ago I had already visited this place, but unfortunately I remembered very little how to get there. Sweet memories are linked to this place, though. This was a place where I attended my first workshop in ‘meeting elemental beings’. I experienced that goblins took me underneath the soil and I took part in a banquet. Immediately after being taken underground I shrank to their size. Increasing in size or reducing in size, this is what I still do whenever I meet up with elemental beings. It makes me feel like I am Barbamama. After this first workshop my connection to the elemental beings had been reestablished again. Therefore this place was special to me.


The elemental beings already told me that they preferred not to get in the car with us to travel to Ermelo. Instead they would use a special crystal through which they could travel. This crystal is a danburite. It stands for ‘to go one’s own way, lovingly’. How appropriate.

We parked the car at the hotel. I took out the danburite, tuned in, and like a madman I had to open the window. It became so hot inside the car because of all the energies of the elemental beings. Goblin king Imren, who resides in a Haarlem forest, arrived with his entourage. They were all dressed in their finest clothes. Meeting the elemental beings of this area, was a special moment for them as well.

In the afternoon Mimi and I left by car to the area where the essence had to be made. My intuition said: ‘go to the right.’ Instead I went to the left, because those were the instructions in the book. Of course we went the wrong way. Shall I ever learn? It was still pretty hard to find the right spot. Not that we really minded because we had an amazing stroll through the winter wonderland. Snow and ice crystals galore. Eventually I felt a ley line. I always feel light-headed and get a tingling sensation in my third eye. Mimi went up an elevation and started to tone to thank all the beings of this place for receiving us as visitors and co-creators. Politeness, respect and etiquette play an important role in the elemental beings’ realms as well.

We marked all the paths so we could retrace our steps in the evening. We felt a bit like Hansl en Gretl when we arranged branches in a certain pattern. As a thank-you-for-allowing-us-to-work-here present, I put some tiny glasses – ones I only use with elemental beings – on the forest soil and filled them with organic fruit juice. I added a big piece of home-made chocolate cake as well. Besides, every creation of a new essence calls for a party. I understood that the elemental beings from Haarlem would stay in the forest and would wait for our return later that evening. Mimi and I went back to the hotel for a bite.

Around seven, armed with all our gear, we went back to the forest. We took a torchlight with us but didn’t have to use it. It was nearly full moon and there were no clouds in the sky that night. The forest looked enchanted. The moonlight was all the light we needed while walking the beautiful white snowy paths. This light was being reflected by the ice crystals that sparkled like tiny diamonds. Again, we were looked after so well. The Hansl and Gretl trick worked like magic. We found the spot straight away. I was amazed how many elemental beings were present. I put the bowl of water on the soil and saw, to my great surprise, that the moonlight shone upon it.


Surrounding the bowl of water, a circle of dancing and singing male elemental beings was formed. The water in the bowl absorbed their energy. Within this circle another circle was formed by female elemental beings. They danced and sang in the same way as the males. Their energy was also added to the water. After a while a dragon appeared. He was five meters tall. He stood behind the male and female elemental beings and blew his energy into the bowl of water. From that moment the bowl disappeared into the ground. Various elemental beings added their energy to the water. It looked like every single being added his or her special ‘ingredient’. Co-operation was the key word and only as one the ingredients did their job. Like a minestrone soup. Then I saw a crystal. It was a honey-colored, very hard gemstone. I understood that this crystal hadn’t been mined yet. It would still take some years. This crystal has a ‘point of no return’ vibration. Whenever this crystal is being found and you connect with it, you will – without compromise – commit yourself to help Mother Earth in whatever way you can.


I was in deep meditation when I was called back to the 3-D world in a harsh way. This was being caused by a dog who, barking loudly, ran passed us at the speed of light. Immediately being followed by another dog, equally fast and loud. I waited for their master to show up … in vain. ‘Hello, Erica, you’re in a pitch dark forest covered in snow at eight o’clock at nighttime during the winter. NO ONE walks their dog at this hour in this place.’ And then all of a sudden it dawned on me what other creatures were present in this forest and only appeared at nighttime. ‘Prada in the bush’ never thought about that. Slightly disturbed I whispered to Mimi: ‘What was that?’ ‘Haven’t the foggiest’, she replied somewhat anxious. ‘Two foxes, two wild boars, two …?’ Isn’t that strange, I don’t blink an eye when I see a five meter tall dragon in this forest, yet a fox or wild boar and I’m on the highest alert level.

After one and a half hour the essence was ready. What an adventure. On our way back to the hotel I told Mimi what I had experienced during the creation of this essence.


Two days later whilst at home I wanted to know whether the essence was a hundred percent perfect. The answer was an adamant no. I was perplexed. ‘Now what?’ ‘You have to go back to Ermelo’, was the elemental beings’ reply. ‘Whaaaat? Guys you’re kidding me? You are aware of the principle remote tuning in? I can even do it from here.’ Another firm no sounded. So there I was, dumbstruck on the couch. ‘Okay, so I really, really have to go back to the Ermelo forest?’ ‘Yes you’re quite correct’, was the answer. ‘And how long does it take for the essence to be completely perfect?’ I was informed ‘Half an hour.’ ‘Whaaaat, only half an hour? Do you realize that it will take me two and a half hours to travel to Ermelo by train and two and a half hours to return to Haarlem?’ I didn’t dare to ask Mimi a second time to take me to this place. Again the elemental beings were adamant. At that moment I realized that I too could lay down a number of conditions. ‘All right, I’m not at all happy but apparently I overlooked something and therefore I need to go back to Ermelo. In this case could you please make sure that A. all trains are on time. If not I’m going back home straight away. B. no rain or snow. C. that I shall catch the bus I have to take to the forest and back (this particular bus only ran every hour and after five o’clock it didn’t run at all).’ Well, the elemental beings could live with all my conditions.


On February 4th, full moon, I boarded a train to Ermelo in the afternoon. The trains were perfectly on time, despite the snow that had fallen in the east of Holland. Outside the Ermelo railway station, the bus’ timetable told me that I had to wait only five more minutes for the bus to arrive. Wow, these elemental beings really can work wonders. As soon as I said this, snowflakes the size of two Euro coins started to fall. I was pretty cheesed off. ‘I specifically asked for dry weather, didn’t I’, I hissed at the elemental beings. Still angry I boarded the bus. The driver didn’t have change for my ten Euro note. ‘You know what, love, pay me on the way back’, he said. I was wondering if bus drivers in the west of Holland placed their trust in people the way this man did. Once in the forest the snow became heavier and heavier. Not funny at all. Funny though was the fact that the branches Mimi and I had laid down four days ago were still there. After fifteen minutes, the elemental beings let me know that I had arrived on the right spot. It was a different spot than the one we previously visited. I looked around where to put the bottle with the essence and noticed that the moss was completely green. Everywhere was white, except this spot. ‘Well I’ll be …. Yes, Erica you asked for dry circumstances. You only forgot to ask when and where. Even elemental beings aren’t all psychics.’ Lesson number-god-knows-how-much. I put the bottle on the ice cold moss and started to meditate. I had recorded Mimi’s toning the other day and played it again. Those tones in a completely deserted forest with muted acoustics because of the snow, it was like a dream. At some stage during my meditation, it seemed as if somebody turned on a light. I opened my eyes to a very bright low winter sun. Better still, this sunlight shone directly upon the bottle with the essence. I wouldn’t have been able to imagine this at home. So this was what the essence was lacking, this was the finishing touch. A few days ago the essence bathed in bright moonlight. Now the energy of bright sunlight was added.


Completely happy, I was ready to return to Haarlem. I was waiting for quite some time on the bus to arrive – ankle high in snow – when a car pulled up. A lady asked me for my destination. ‘Well, it’s your lucky day, I live right behind the railway station. Funny enough it’s not in my nature to give someone a ride, but it just feels right.’

Once at the railway station, I was looking out for the bus in order to pay for my ticket. The bus never showed up. This got me thinking: a bus and a car driven by elemental beings in disguise?