Audio Layer Connecting with Earthly and Cosmic beings, working together in unity towards ascension

We hope to pull you into the story below, to amuse you but above all to inspire you. Apart from using the essences, the stories might help you to internalise the wisdom of the all the beings on an even deeper level.



‘Happy solstice.’

It sounded so genuine and old. Like something from a very distant past, when men still lived in close connection to nature, elemental beings and the cosmos. Everybody in Avebury expressed this wish, whether they were dressed up for the ritual within the stone circle, passersby or shop assistants.


This essence would be the seventh and last one of the first set of essences and literally the apotheosis in essence making so far. Highest level in the sense of energies, determination and bad weather.


The magical Wiltshire landscape makes me long to call it home again.

The first time when I visited Avebury, more than twenty years ago, I walked around  24/7  with a smile on my face. But, as I entrusted my fellow guests at the bed and breakfast, I hadn’t really felt any special energies in and around this place. Hahaha, I expected (and sometimes still do) flashes of lightning,  sounds of trumpets from heaven,  angels singing and last but not least a whole bevy of elemental beings totally visible to my physical eye. How naive and without consciousness.

Subtlety is the credo of the worlds behind the veil.


This essence, of the element fire, had to be made on two spots as well. One part had to be created at West Kennet Long Barrow, the other part at Windmill Hill.

To explore the whole area, we took a bus from Marlborough to Avebury that dropped us off right in front of the barrow. How frightfully convenient. Because it had been raining for days the track uphill towards the barrow had become one big slippery mud trail. Just when we arrived on top of the hill we saw a couple of adolescents coming out of the barrow. Nobody else was present the whole time we were in the barrow. Thank you again, elemental beings. The barrow is a beautiful stone structure. A row of massive megaliths in front of the barrow seemed to protected the inner sanctuary. On the internet I found information on the barrow that totally resonated with me. Inside the barrow are five chambers. Without this information I probably would have completely overseen these chambers. Upon entering the barrow you can hardly see anything (at least in December) because you walk from daylight into total darkness. The first chamber is a chamber of energy cleansing. The second one is for knowing and stating one’s purpose. The third chamber is for contacting the guardian spirit of the place in order to obtain permission to go on. The fourth chamber is for charging up your energy. It was interesting that Mimi and I, separately from one another, laid on a stone in a fetal position. The fifth chamber is womb shaped and stands for transformation and rebirth. In this sequence we went in every single chamber. It was a deep and profound spiritual experience. I already knew that the essence had to be created outside, on top of the barrow. But that plan was sabotaged. The whole top was fenced off for restoration purposes. We were not allowed to walk on the top. Considering the weather – there was a gail force and heavy rainfall – I was really glad that we couldn’t sit on top of the barrow for one and a half hours. We would probably have returned home with an acute double pneumonia. It was actually wonderful that we could sit inside the womb now. We continued our journey to the village of Avebury via a small road alongside the river Kennet and Silbury Hill. We went to the right, uphill. Then we took a left turn towards the West Kennet Avenue, to eventually arrive at the Avebury stone circle. West Kennet Avenue is a special ‘road’ where you instantly go back in time. The whole avenue is about two and a half kilometers long. Both sides are flanked by megaliths that have either a male or female energy. Just image the old times. A procession with people carrying torches walking this avenue and ending up re-energized in the stone circle, to further carry out their special rites. Magical …

After lunch we went to look for the spot on top of Windmill Hill. At home I had studied the map how to get there. Right through the village, behind the church, through a kissing gate, passing by some houses to continue our walk to …. right, where next? A neat wooden sign, put up by the National Trust, directed us to a fenced off meadow. But of course, right through a meadow, why couldn’t I have thought about that? Wasn’t the National Trust all about neat footpaths and the likes? Apparently not. They had even thought about how to cross a barb wire fence in an elegant way. Via two wooden steps attached to poles, one could cross the fence more easily. But the darned mud everywhere made these wooden steps still slippery like stepping on eels. Once back unto the soil, you had to tug like mad at your boots in order to free them from all the mud. The distance Avebury – Windmill Hill is a bit short of four kilometers. But we still had to cross seven meadows by struggling over fences six times. Thank God all the livestock was already in the stables for winter. We found the right spot on Windmill Hill without real effort. The essence had to be made on top of the hill, so I was told. Jokers, those elemental beings. Obviously they hadn’t checked the storm app on their ethereal smart phones. Being on top of the hill was absolutely no option. We literally got blown off the hill. No way you could sit there. An alternative would be to seek protection from the storm on the lee side of the hill.


Once back in our hotel room, another problem awaited us. The essence had to be made at sunrise; at 08.10 hrs. Buses didn’t run until nine o’clock. Would we rent a bike? Definitely not. For ladies from the low lands a ride in a landscape dominated by many limestone hills would be too ambitious. Taxi? Yes, a lot more appealing. At the hotel’s reception we got a list with six telephone numbers. Number four wasn’t even worth the try, the receptionist said: not reliable. We phoned the five remaining numbers, we came up against a brick wall. ‘It’s almost Christmas, madam, all our drivers are needed elsewhere. Back to bike rental? I got my pendulum out and it said that we would get help in the Italian restaurant we were planning to visit that night. Mimi and I secretly wished for a drop dead gorgeous, dark and sweet-toned man who would be already waiting for us in his fancy car. Alas, that also turned out to be a no-go option. But, believe it or not, one of the waitresses handed us a piece a paper with a telephone number of a taxi company. The very one that was labelled ‘unreliable’. What to do with this information? Back in our hotel room I called the number anyway. And lo and behold, this company had a driver that was available for the next morning. Not only that, but this company turned out to be the least expensive one as well and they were twenty kilometers away.


The next morning the taxi driver turned out to be an excellent storyteller as well. His son was an archeologist that had researched many sacred places in Europe. The taxi driver couldn’t stop talking about his son’s work and findings.

In the grey morning light I could make out figures on top of the barrow. All my hopes disappeared of being able to create this essence in absence of any other persons. You want to avoid other people’s energies to become part of the essence. In front of the barrow I was waiting for Mimi to arrive. All of a sudden a man with a smiley face appeared from behind the megaliths. ‘Come on in, dear, I’m not a guard.’ We got talking. He told us that he was a volunteer with the National Trust. His tasks were to guide school children as well as adults in Avebury. One of his other tasks was to keep an eye on littering in and around all the monuments. We then told him what we wanted to do that morning. Shortly after his wife joined us. She was very interested in Mimi’s vocal toning. She had just started a course in vocal toning herself. She asked us if we were okay with the fact that she would be present during the toning that precedes the essence making. Her energy was so pure, that I didn’t have a problem with it. It was eight o’clock and I got all my gear to go inside the barrow. I was only followed by Mimi and not the volunteer’s wife. Why was that? Mimi started to tone. The acoustics in this – womb shaped – place were amazing. I saw Mimi as a temple priestess, eons ago, who created an acoustic resonance through toning for transformation purposes. For about an hour and a half we would remain in this barrow. I too felt like a priestess from the matriarchal culture, deeply hidden in the dark of this moist sanctuary. I had placed the bowl of water in the middle of this ‘womb’. In it a beeswax candle was floating. I was ready for the performance that would commence any minute now.

The first one to arrive was a druid in a white robe, with a long grey beard. He was about 1.10 meters tall and carried a staff in his hand that was bigger than himself. He was the guardian of the barrow. Right behind him Vesuvius appeared. The fire being that was strongly connected to this essence. He was very powerful and a pretty tough guy. His hair was made of fire. Archangel Michael joined all these beings, surrounded by innumerable fire flies. All beings stood in a circle around the bowl of water. Unfortunately at that moment two persons entered the barrow, a man and a woman. The man stepped, very rudely, over the bowl of water. Immediately I saw that the elemental beings responded to this. Around the bowl they created seven sun discs. They worked like mirrors. All pure energy stayed inside whereas the energies from outside were mirrored to where they came from. A bit later ethereal clouds floated in. Around the bowl these clouds changed direction from horizontal to vertical and became soft golden in color. It became even more crowded in the barrow when some sort of ‘chariots of fire’ entered the barrow. The chariots rode around the bowl three times in a clockwise manner. Only at home I began to understand that these chariots represent a transcended state of awareness. This state of awareness enables time and space travelling and provides direct access to the Akashic records. The sun discs that were materialized formed a big transparant column that reached up to the stars. Light balls shot upwards through this column. Also some light balls went into the Earth. After that the golden light spat through all the ley lines all over the world. It became one big alighted network. The energy of all beings present was pulled up via our star system to finally reach the star system of the seven suns. This system is situated in the seventeenth dimension. I heard all this, but I didn’t understand a word. The vibration was so high, I couldn’t comprehend anything anymore. Mimi got up and started to tone again. I didn’t have a clue why. She felt intuitively that she had to do this. Only a minute after she started to tone, the couple left the barrow. That was why! Some time later a sun ball descended from the sky. This was the combined energy from all the beings. This ball hovered over the bowl of water for a while. On top of the ball a phoenix was sitting (he creates the New Earth).  Suddenly another person entered the barrow. His energy was very different to the energy of the couple that came in before. A very gentle, respectful energy was surrounding him. He stayed a while and then left very quietly.

The creation of this essence nearly drew to an end. Mimi and I received a golden sun disc, about two and a half centimeters big, that the fire beings placed on our foreheads. They told me that we had to connect to this disc in order to know how we could use this ‘tool’. They also told us that whenever a next set of essence was created, another tool would be added. What an honour.

Mimi and I stayed a while longer in the barrow, after the essence was being made. This was for Mimi to tune in to the energy and purpose of every single chamber in the barrow. Her toning is a translation of the chamber’s energies. The toning in the ‘womb space’ was particularly touching.

Only later we found out why the national trust guy’s wife wasn’t present just before the essence making. She actually stopped about ten people from entering the barrow. If only we knew what she had told these people. Was she another elemental being in disguise, helping us?

We travelled the same road as the day before. Eventually crashing at the Red Lion, the main hotel/restaurant in Avebury. This place is sandwiched between the two stone circles. We met three girls who just came back from Stonehenge. They had sung between the huge megaliths during this winter solstice. They told us that about five thousand people had visited Stonehenge that morning. Just to give you an idea, in Avebury there were about 50 people present in the stone circle that morning. We still had some time to kill in this warm and cozy establishment before heading off to Windmill Hill by ploughing through squashy meadows.

I looked like the hunchback of the Notre Dame. My raincoat was hiding my rug sack that was stuffed to the max. A bulge of olympic size. The weather was worse than the day before. Silently we plugged uphill side by side. Once on top of the hill, we had to stay on the lee side of the hill in order not to be blown away completely. But still, even on the lee side we could hardly stay upright. I was seriously concerned whether the water would remain in the bowl. Luckily I found a small cavity where I could put the bowl. Directly behind it, I sat down, legs spread, as if I had just given birth to the bowl. Mimi was standing in the ditch surrounding the hill. She started toning. Three times clockwise, three times anti-clockwise. On every ley line, male and female beings came from near and far towards the hill. I was surprised to see so many beings. They introduced themselves as light masters and lined up in a circle, a bit away from the ditch. Amongst these light masters there were also beings measuring about 3 meters tall and oval in shape. They were from the Andromeda galaxy. They lined up in the ditch and started to tone in exactly the same way as Mimi. After a while they started toning their own melody. Via the ley lines the light masters received some sort of light that resembled fire. Their milky white colour changed into a soft copper one. The female beings were lighter in colour than the male beings. From these beings long, octagonal crystals emerged. These crystals were also copper coloured. The crystals ‘fell’ from their bodies onto the hill.  The energy of all the crystals connected on top of the hill, forming one big beam. This beam went up in the sky and then came down like a fountain to enter all the ley lines. Some time later centaurs arrived. They formed a circle between the light masters and the beings from the Andromeda galaxy. Their task was to maintain harmony. The spectacle was completed by some sort of blue plasma that streamed uphill. This blue light also went inside the hill and spread over the ley lines. Later on I thought: light blue and light orange, those are complementary colours. That’s an additional quality of all these energies: they strengthen each other.


At 16.01 hrs. the last essence of the first set was born. In the last light of the day, we walked downhill again, through all the meadows, towards the village. When we arrived in the village it was pitch-dark. Expert timing by the elemental beings.

The weather called for sitting beside a cozy open fire with a mug of hot chocolate. Listening, rosy cheeked, to the stories of wonder told by the best storyteller ever. And what stories did we ourselves have to tell? I have to entrust these stories to a piece of paper or a computer display, I thought. ‘Write about us’, the elemental beings asked me a very long time ago. Gratefully I finally agreed to their request.