Audio Layer Connecting with Earthly and Cosmic beings, working together in unity towards ascension

We hope to pull you into the story below, to amuse you but above all to inspire you. Apart from using the essences, the stories may help you to internalise the wisdom of all the beings on an even deeper level.

Seven Sisters


Pendulums are very handy tools when you need to find a place in an area you’re not familiar with. You get a map and ask the question. The pendulum (in fact you yourself) will give you a yes or no and Bob’s your uncle. If I would have thought about this beforehand, I would have saved myself a lot of dragging and slogging.


Full of confidence (maybe with a touch of self-righteousness), I knew now that in order to co-create with elemental beings one had to be prepared to the teeth, I boarded the train to Hilversum. There was still a month and a half between this day and the exact date of creating the new essence. Plenty of time. This was going to be easy-peasy. It was a muggy August day. From the railway station it still was a brisk walk towards the Hilversum moorlands. Close to the La Place restaurant  is a ley line center. Its power is decimated because it’s now situated on a crossroads. However from this ley line center there are many strong ley lines going in different directions. Many years ago I did a training in geomancy. This training is a.o. about the fine tuning in and handling the forces of nature with more awareness. Connecting with the realms of elemental beings was another aspect of this training. Therefore, the ley lines that were present in Hilversum should be easily detectable by me. Apart from that, the elemental beings would definitely point me towards the right spot as well. This particular essence was about the element aether. I had asked a fairy to accompany me on this trip, so she could whisper important information in my ear from time to time. Prior to this trip I had studied the map of Hilversum a bit so I knew reasonably well where I had to go. After three hours of strenuous struggling, I still hadn’t managed to find the right spot. My intuition left me completely. I started asking cycling and walking enthusiasts for directions but instead of finding the spot, I was all over the place. Well then, I should have asked the fairy and should have listened properly instead of filling in the blanks myself. What is it about humans and their eagerness to want to help and yet they only listen with half an ear?


At a certain moment a grove, like a small island on the moorlands, caught my attention. This could be the place I was looking for. I was pretty tired already and eager to find the right spot. I used my pendulum and lo and behold it said yes. I started meditating but all of a sudden an eerie feeling crept up on me. I felt panicky. I saw the fairy, who accompanied me on this trip, being chased by other elemental beings. They had grabbed her and they were definitely lacking in good intentions. Luckily I could free the fairy energetically and we scurried away like there was no tomorrow. ‘Well, I’ll be damned, if you’re messing with ‘my’ fairy, you’re messing with me. And on top of that sabotaging my pendulum as well.’ I never busied myself with opposing forces. If you don’t give it attention you won’t encounter it. Apparently I was so tired from walking and not really wary – and of course I was pretty desperate to find the right spot – that these beings noticed a hole in my aura through which they could influence me. The way the moorlands were looking this year, half eaten away and withered because of heather beetles, that’s exactly how I felt at that moment. This outing was over. Besides, I still had to walk back to the railway station, which would take me an additional hour. ‘Toodles, Hilversum moorlands, I’m going home pondering over plan B.’


And that’s what I did. I got out the map and my pendulum this time. I asked the relevant questions. Astonishingly the pendulum answered that the essence had to be made in two different spots. One in the area I already visited and one in a totally different one. ‘How would I be able to do that when the time came? These areas were far apart. ‘Firstly I shall organize a rental bike at Hilversum station.’ That I didn’t think of that before.’ A couple of days later I got on the train again to Hilversum.

On the bike the distances were of a Mickey Mouse size. The energy of the first place I visited was wonderful. It’s a place where seven barrows are located. They mirror the Pleiades. The other spot seemed a bit awkward to me. Physically it wasn’t an attractive place. In the distance there was a big UMTS. They was a lot of dead wood. Still it had a nice, soft energy and the very spot was surrounded by trees. In the middle, the spot was treeless and when I looked up, the gap was star shaped. I thought to myself how arrogant I sounded when saying the spot wasn’t appropriate for creating an essence. Elemental beings have maintained their connection to nature for eons. They, like no other, would know which spot was right or wrong. Some things should be left to the experts. Sometimes one shouldn’t argue why, but just accept things, follow and act upon it. Humans sometimes don’t see the bigger picture. How many lessons would it take to finally make me understand.


On the 29th of September, St. Michael’s , Mimi and I were ready for the journey, with bag and baggage. Despite the fact that Hilversum is only fifty five kilometers away, it was much cooler than Haarlem. Soon enough we knew why; the whole city was covered in fog. Over the moorlands the fog was even denser. Everything looked breathtakingly mysterious. Only the top of the hills were visible. The base of the hills as well as the ground seemed to be erased by nature itself. During the sunrise the essence had to be prepared. At the Zuiderheide at the ‘seven hills’ some sort of a milky funnel emerged from the cosmos. The funnel was so large that the bottom of it was hovering over the bowl with water. From the cosmos beings from the Pleiads came down carrying books. The books were shaken out over the funnel and all the letters fell in the bowl of water. It was about knowledge from the aether, from the Akashic records to be more precise. Earlier I was told that I couldn’t put this first part of the essence in the bottle already. I had to put it in the bottle together with the second part of the essence simultaneously. Extremely carefully I placed the smaller bowl, with the already made essence, into a bigger bowl trying to avoid spilling anything. I placed these two bowls in a bag. Next I peddled down the moorlands, covered with holes and bumps, towards the Westerheide with pinched buttocks.

At the Westerheide a same sort of funnel emerged from the cosmos. This time the funnel was transparent. The funnel went all the way into the Earth. The beings of the Pleiades came down through the funnel to clear the way to and into the Earth, in order to facilitate a constant passageway between the Sky and Earth. These beings went through the bowl of water entering Earth anchoring this passageway. The sheer pleasure of these beings was overwhelming. Smaller Earthly fairies brushed the funnel, especially the part that went into the Earth, so possible obstacles could be removed. Energetically the funnel became so broad that an average man could stand in it with  his arms spread out.


When these images and information come to me, I need quite some time to fully comprehend things. The frequency is so high, my body and brain need to adjust before I can make some sense of it. My higher self knows exactly what’s going on and what it means, but I still have to translate it to our present level. Of course with a lot of help from the rainbow beings. Thank you, my dear friends.


Again, the whole process of preparation and creation of the essence turned out to be one big lesson in modesty.