Audio Layer Connecting with Earthly and Cosmic beings, working together in unity towards ascension

This set is a co-creation of the unicorns. Below you will find the stories and the abbreviated descriptions of the essences.




This entire set of essences was created on the summer solstice of 2018 from sunrise till sunset.


The summer solstice; the sun’s temporary standstill. This particular day represented an important day of initiation, especially with the ancient peoples.

At the time of the 2018 summer solstice the Earth again was washed over with masses of electromagnetic waves from many directions in the universe. A solstice amplifies the energy of these waves. The energy waves bring forth an acceleration of frequencies causing your consciousness to raise. The energies’ key message is that we all are love. This wisdom works as a catalyst in relation to our ascension.

This acceleration in awareness is something that is felt subconsciously. You can feel very tired, nauseous, disproportionally emotional or ungrounded. Ultimately the subconscious becomes conscious and as a result your conscious mind opens itself to the wisdom that these energies hold within. You can then weave this wisdom into your daily life, hence you will be able to become more aware.

Isn’t it wonderful that the energy of the summer solstice deepened the unicorn essences.


Apart from the wisdom that each clan of unicorns transmitted to the essences, I asked the unicorns what their overall support is for us. This is what they told me.


The light beings (elemental beings) we call unicorns, originate from the 13th dimension. In times when we still held higher frequencies, the unicorns lived physically amongst us. Their energy was fused together with the energy of horses, whose energy resembled theirs the most. This was short-lived, however, because even then the vibrations were too dense for them. The unicorns dwelled long enough on Earth, however, for man to leave a lasting memory of these beautiful light beings. The unicorns went from thereon to the 7th dimension, to support beings from other planets and stars. Some of them returned to their source in the 13th dimension. However, before they ascended to their realms with much higher energies, they gave off part of their energies so it could anchor in the physical bodies of horses. Thus, horses are still part unicorn. When horses have completed the circle of Earth lives, they wholly ascend into the higher unicorn consciousness.


Nowadays it is easier for unicorns to return to Earth, only ethereally though, because not only Earth but a steadily growing number of people as well have raised their energy frequencies.


Contrary to angels for example who come to you upon your request, unicorns come to those who are ready for their energies. These persons radiate plenty of light already and feel a vocation to serve for the greater good. To help heal and transform Earth and all its beings – seen or unseen – for the better.


Unicorns work with you on your soul level. They support you to shape your life’s purpose. They bring joy and strengthen and empower your higher inspirations. Unicorns purify you ethereally. It is their highest goal to re-activate the inner innocence of your divine self. This is the essence of the Source with which the unicorns re-connect you. In doing so you will remember who you really are. This support often takes place in way of a healing initiation. The unicorns will touch you with the tip of their horn. The intense light that unicorns are and radiate will always reach as much as you can cope with. Always enough for each specific moment. Their light reminds you of your own purity.


By nature, the male and female energies are prefectly balanced in unicorns. This particular quality is also part of all 7 essences.


Just like all the other elemental beings, unicorns simply love joy and happiness. It acts as a magnet for them.


One of the unicorns told me that after you have worked with the essences one by one, it is the ultimate goal to use the essences together. In that way synergy is being created; the unification of the 7 essences brings more than the sum of its parts.


Because all the essences were made on the same location in Haarlem, The Netherlands, the stories around the essences are not extensive. Therefore you can find them on this page. Below you will also find the abbreviated description of the essences (in italics).


Days before the co-creation of the essences the elemental beings already pointed out the right spot to me in the forest. Only I was still clueless. On several occasions I had noticed a very light spot deep in the forest. It was so light, that I thought someone had left one of these fluorescent road works jackets. Walking enthusiasts once created an unofficial cut-through in this particular part of the forest. But at the request of elemental beings this cut-through had been re-planted with many scrubs by the maintenance guys, preventing people to pass through here anymore. (A blog was dedicated to this ‘Our Super Grover Syndrome’.) However, the elemental beings gave me a ‘back stage pass’ for this particular area. I clambered over tree stumps and slalomed through fresh green. At the spot with the ‘fluorescent jacket’ it appeared that a tree had been chopped down, that was why it was such a light spot. The sunlight on the fresh spring green turned it into bright greenish yellow. I spotted a tree stump and realised that this was the perfect place to put the bowl of water that I always use when co-creating the essences.




At 5.10 a.m. I nestled myself against a tree that was blown over. High up in the trees the wind started to pick up. Right in front of me I saw a unicorn king and queen. They were welcoming all the other unicorns. There were so many of them present. The unicorns dipped their horn in the bowl with water. This way they transmitted their wisdom into the water.

‘We are here to tell you that from now on you can spread our energies all over Earth, so we can focus on other thing to do. Once more you will understand that we are all one. Collectively we have to look after each other and more importantly after mother Earth.’


The most important but also most difficult step in your life is to take self-responsibility. This process brings about uncertainty and outcomes are far from clear, that is why this process is being perceived as difficult.

Self-responsibility develops a higher consciousness level, causing a better attunement to the universe, enabling your ascension process to intensify (your transformation to a fully aware, conscious being). Decisions that sprout from this state of being, are taken from unity, accountability and interaction with the greater whole.


When the number of people on Earth grows, who become aware of the transformation that self-responsibility brings – taking care of each other and our planet – this will put a ripple to action that will be felt throughout the whole universe. Occupants of other planets or stars in turn will take their self-responsibility. The next step is to experience that co-creating – completely in sync with one another – is crucial to balance and maintain our powers.


True Self


The energy of this clan of unicorns was much more dynamic. A youthful, bold and unbridled energy. They resembled wild mustangs. ‘Go to every corner of the Earth and you will succeed in whatever you want to get done.’ It became foggy. From the mist a female, regally looking unicorn appeared. ‘This essence makes everything superfluous and all that is will dissolve.’


Everything that no longer serves you, what is superfluous, will dissolve. This is necessary to fulfill your highest goals in life and to live in perfect harmony with the universe. It will direct you to your essence; your purest and truest Self. The intense light of the unicorns will lead and support you by showing you the shortest route  towards what you need to fully live your true self. Your own unique energy will be amplified.




Very gently the unicorns walked towards the bowl with water. With much deliberation, as if not to disturb anything. An aura of golden light was surrounding the unicorns. I heard soft singing. I also noticed that the energy of fairies was connected to their energy. Everything about them was gentle and slow-moving, covering everything with a layer of fine gold dust. The only thing existing was sheer ecstasy; the highest vibration in the universe.


The focus here is to remember you of the endless source of universal love that you already are. You will be enveloped and interfused with the highest vibration in the universe that you can integrate at this very moment. Over time this vibration will only raise. Within this vibration lies happiness, joy and pleasure. The ecstatic feeling that goes hand in hand with this vibration reminds you that this bliss is our natural state of being. It frees you from your limiting conditioning, it opens your heart and re-connects you with the magnificence of your soul.




At the beginning it seemed as if the unicorns were absent. I heard ‘hidden secret’. Then I felt an energy, but it came from above. I saw winged unicorns. A swift energy descended. The colour gold again was strongly represented. I experienced an energy that reminded me of an army; heaps of unicorns, very well organised, they did what they came for and went away as quickly as they had come. The king and queen were absent. ‘We are a special clan’, they told me. ‘We come from the 13th dimension and will connect you with this dimension. We are specialists in something you haven’t seen on Earth yet.’ I heard the words ‘to even’ and ‘to disappear, to look, unnoticed’. Your lightbody is everything you are without your physical body.’

NB: the crystal unicorn that co-created this essence stayed on Hawaii for some time and received multiple light activations over there.


New activations will provide an ethereal upgrade, a raising of the vibration of your lightbody, in support of the process of existing without a physical body. The raised vibration of your lightbody also has an impact on your physical body. Every now and then you can be invisible to others. You yourself will not notice this change, it happens in a split second. But you can experience a light shock wave going through your physical body. Pay attention when this happens, you will slowly start to recognise it. In this way it is easier to become aware of higher dimensions and therefore it can be incorporated in your daily life. Unexpected possibilities may occur and unsuspected talents may florish. Eventually your physical body will be completely absorbed by your lightbody and again you will become a rainbowbody; the highest form of your lightbody.




The energy of this clan of unicorns seemed impatient, youthful, jumpy, fireworks-like. They looked like flamenco dancers. ‘the gift you will receive is passion, joy, liveliness; shine, shine, shine. Your whole existence will be permeated with this. You will not go for anything less.’


When you do all things in life with passion, do things that are totally fitting and what you enjoy tremendously, you radiate your true light. Subsequently your actions are a reflection of the Source. At the same time you realise that you no longer have to be in the spot light (looking for the light outside you), because you are the light yourself. You radiate and reflect your light at the same time, because the others recognize their light in you.




A majestic energy descended. The spot I was sitting in became lighter and lighter. The energy’s colour was blueish. The unicorns that appeared seem to have blue horse blankets on their backs. A pillar of light presented itself exactly above the bowl with water. One by one the unicorns descended as if sliding from a rope. They had golden horns and golden hooves. One of them had a crystal horn.


The fire burning inside you – you that already longs to continue your life’s path selflessly – is being enkindled. To serve without personal benefit for the greater whole, wanting to help and transform Earth and all her beings, seen and unseen. Call upon this clan of unicorns and they will show you the way. This will be done in either a physical or an ethereal way.




This essence was co-created at sunset. The unicorns asked me to put the 6 other essences in a circle around the tree stump as support for this last essence. The energy of the other essences, however, would not be part of this last essence.

The female unicorns and their little ones came walking towards the bowl with water. The little ones also dipped their horns in the water. The energy they radiated was very tranquil, not exuberant. It seemed that the unicorns were aware that this was a sacred and magical moment. The adult unicorns had a halo around their heads of pure white light. The younger ones did not have a halo, but radiated a soft moonstone blueish light.


The unicorns’ light purifies all your chakras, remembering you of the purity of your divine Self. The essence you possessed from the moment you became a divine spark, is being brought to the fore and is being initiated. It is an energy you can see in a baby or young child. Purity, innocence, carelessness, joy and pleasure are being activated, whereby these qualities will form the foundation for all your actions.